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Question from Anonymous

Would like this question anonymous please. why would a guy masterbate when he’s sleeping/laying next to you and you are always ready to have sex?

Are all men into porn?

Anonymous asks this question: Are all men into porn and just don’t want us to know? Or are there some guys out there that really aren’t into that stuff? What’s the answer guys?

Jackie asks, What in the world is going on in a mans mind?

So I’ve been dating this man for awhile. He’s told me that he loves me and that we’re in together thru bad and good. The other night he told me that he never wanted to lose me. I’ve not heard from him since Tuesday and he won’t answer any of my calls. Can someone please tell me what in the world is going on in a mans mind for this to happen?

Ask-a-guy and you shall receive….

Hey there ladies. The guys are starting to answer your questions. So visit to find out the answers. You asked for honesty and er, uh…..that’s what you’re gettin….whether you like the answer or not.

We just don’t talk anymore…..

Hey did you notice that you have so much more to say to a co worker or perhaps a friend than you do to your significant other?  I mean why is it that we can strike up interesting and funny conversations with men or women and then when we get home it’s, Ho hum, drum, “Hi, how was your day dear…oh, good, that’s nice dear….what’s for dinner….I’m going to bed… What did you say?  Huh?

Guys!  What can we do to get you interested in some convo here?  What do you like to talk about?  Or is it that once the spark is gone, you’re just not interested in what we have to say?  Once you know everything about us (or so you think, gentlemen), then you just don’t want to know?   Tell us (me) praytell?

How can we get you to listen to us?

Ok, guys. I think this is a legitimate question. “How in the name of (!@?$*$–oops, sorry—-how unlady like of me–lol) can we get you guys to do what we ask of you, without coming off as nagging? Is there some secret sauce to this? Is there a magic word? —besides that! Cmon guys, let us hear it!

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We know you want a better quaff

Marriage is just a piece of paper?

Really? I have heard this and I want to know from you guys the truth. What do you really mean when you say this???? Huh???? Hmmmmm???

Who’s got issues – the guys or the gals?

Hey guys, here’s a question: Who’s the one with the issues, you guys or us ladies? As a lady, I am partial, so I have no comment on the matter. But I am sure there’s plenty of people who have something to say…..

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So the cheating question brought up the respect issue. So fellas, do you really respect the woman you are with? I mean truly respect in that you could never ever even bring yourself to be with someone else? Is that possible? Cmon…really….
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It’s easy “not to cheat”

One very wise man said today at a family get together, “It’s easy not to cheat”. It was further stated that “Men cheat because they choose to and because they can get away with it.” I want to hear more about this, fellas. Please give us some feedback here. Be as honest as possible. This will help relationships (or not—lol) everywhere….including in my house. So speak up….
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